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Here at ultrafast PC’s we believe in providing you with the best in PC technology. If you want a gaming PC, we provide PC’s with the best in quality and upgradeable components. You will be able to play the latest games such as Half-Life 2 or online games such as Counter Strike and Warcraft at the fastest speeds and at the highest resolutions.

Are you tired of having a separate Hifi, PC and TV? Here at Ultrafast PC’s we have the solution. Our shuttle PCs are smart, compact and most importantly - very versatile. They can be linked with an HD-TV and surround sound speakers for the best in home entertainment. You could be watching a film, listening to the soundtrack or playing a game all from the one system!

Are you the type of person who only needs their PC for office applications and surfing the web? We also have the system for you! Our value systems will allow you to do all of this with no strain on your wallet (at least until you start shopping online with your new computer!).

Our confidence and expertise in this field means we can guarantee your delivery within 7 days or you receive a 10% DISCOUNT. Your PC also comes with a 3 year guarantee for Labour and Parts so if the worst happens and a part fails, then we will be there to deal with it and get your PC working again without it costing you a penny.

So what are you waiting for? You can buy one of our ready designed PCs or build your own PC NOW. If you want advice before you buy, call us on 08452 606044.


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Storm P4

Pentium 4D 2.66GHZ

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Cyclone Intel Core Duo

Intel Core 2 DUO 1.86GHZ
250GB Hard Drive
Crucial 1GB (2x512MB)

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